THIS IS A COLD RANGE- no loaded guns on the range hand guns are either in a holster or a case. long guns unloaded and cased 

Do not load your weapon  until told to.  

Do not remove weapon from holster or case until told to.

If you need to look over your weapon ask a range officer they will take you to a safety area.

You may load your magazines. 

Eye protection MUST be worn at all times even if your not shooting. the glasses must cover the entire eye safety glasses can be bought at places like home depot, ace and other like stores. 

Ear protection highly recommended. (WHAT) 

You must sign a waiver even if your not shooting 

Remember your shooting order if your not ready you will be skipped

During the course of fire the only time your finger is on the trigger is when your shooting other wise it stays off the trigger!! 

Remember think safety, learn and have fun!

Remember the 180 rule, your muzzle can not break 180 degrees of the parallel of the shooting line.   

Know how your firearm works! This assumes that you already know how to safely load, unload, and fire your weapon. However, firearms are mechanisms, and subject to malfunctions, or failure. All shooters should be knowledgeable of the procedures for clearing jams such as failures to feed, extract, or fire. If you experience a malfunction, Range Officers will not assist you unless it is a safety issue. If it is, or becomes a safety issue, a Range Officer will take you to a safety area to resolve the problem,